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Enhancing research potential by strengthening a local network of laboratories for studying wetland ecosystems functioning, restoration and management – a project of FP7 EC, CSA – SUPPORT ACTION, REGPOT-2008-1


With the present project, we are aiming to enhance the research potential of the Central Laboratory of General Ecology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences by strengthening a local laboratory network for studying wetlands ecosystem functioning, restoration and management (WETLANET laboratories). This laboratory network includes:

The aim is targeted by a set of support activities directed to the improvement of the capacity of CLGE-BAS relative to the following aspects:

  • human research potential;
  • technical research capacity;
  • strengthening integrative connections of CLGE-BAS in the European Research Area (ERA);
  • wide dissemination and promotion of the activities and results in the society in view of increasing their socio-economic impact.

Project objectives:

  1. Improving the human capacity of CLGE-BAS in wetland studies by the organisation of outgoing and incoming visits for exchange of know-how and experience, the recruitment by the WETLANET laboratories via employing incoming experienced researchers and organisation of training events.
  2. Upgrading the existing technical capacity of the WETLANET laboratories by development and renewal of the research equipment and development of IT capacity, thus allowing CLGE-BAS to further improve its scientific potential and to strengthen the overall research performance.
  3. Achieving better integration of CLGE-BAS in ERA by organising a conference, workshops and training courses and by exposing the research staff to international scientific environment, thus promoting research collaborations and establishment of multilateral partnership that can result in the formation of a consortium (consortia) carrying out high-level wetland research of socio-economic impact at regional and global scale (inter alia, targeting priorities of FP7).
  4. Dissemination of achievements of wetland science (including recent developments in WETLANET laboratories) in the society (targeting mostly business, industry, authorities, nongovernmental organisations and educational establishments), by promotional events and publication activities, in view of increasing visibility of the research activities of CLGE-BAS and improving their response to socio-economic needs of the country.


  1. Better integration of CLGE-BAS in ERA as an internationally-renown partner or an initiator of collaboration projects in the next FP7 calls. Turning CLGE-BAS into a competent regional research centre in wetland science, with added value to the regional social and economic development.
  2. More adequate, improved scientific service of CLGE-BAS to the society in order to meet its needs of knowledge of wetland functioning, management approaches and restoration activities aiming at the sustainable development. This includes the development of management decisions in nature conservation (including in implementation of NATURA’2000), scientific support of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and management decisions in preserving quality, quantity and durability of water resources, monitoring of important ecosystems and other problems of primary socio-economic importance.
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